Seeking Palestine | Anthology

Fifteen Palestinian writers reflect on their experiences of exile. Edited by Penny Johnson and Raja Shehadeh “Palestine-in-exile,” says Rana Barakat, “is an idea, a love, a goal, a movement, a massacre, a march, a parade, a poem, a thesis, a novel and, yes, a commodity, as well as a people scattered, displaced, dispossessed and determined.” […]

This Is Not A Border | Anthology

Writers from Alice Walker to Michael Ondaatje to Claire Messud share their thoughts on one of the most vital gatherings of writers and readers in the world. The Palestine Festival of Literature was established in 2008 by authors Ahdaf Soueif, Brigid Keenan, Victoria Brittain and Omar Robert Hamilton. Bringing writers to Palestine from all corners […]

My Voice Sought The Wind | Poetry

“I wrote poetry before I wrote anything else,” says susan abulhawa in the introduction to her first book of poems, My Voice Sought the Wind. This new work followed her highly acclaimed novel, Mornings in Jenin, which has been translated into 30 languages since it was published in 2010. My Voice Sought the Wind represents […]

The Blue Between Sky and Water

In the small Palestinian farming village of Beit Daras, the women of the Baraka family inspire awe. Nazmiyeh is brazen and fiercely protective of her clairvoyant little sister, Mariam, with her mismatched eyes, and of their mother, Um Mahmoud, known for the fearsome djinni that sometimes possesses her. When the family is forced by the […]

Mornings in Jenin

Mornings in Jenin is a multi-generational story about a Palestinian family. Forcibly removed from the olive-farming village of Ein Hod by the newly formed state of Israel in 1948, the Abulhejas are displaced to live in canvas tents in the Jenin refugee camp. We follow the Abulheja family as they live through a half century […]

Against The Loveless World

A sweeping and lyrical novel. As Nahr sits, locked away in solitary confinement, she spends her days reflecting on the dramatic events that landed her in an Israeli prison. Born in Kuwait in the 70s to Palestinian refugees, she dreamed of falling in love with the perfect man, modern appliances, children, and possibly opening her […]